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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater collection is flexible and systems can be designed to meet almost any requirements, with cistern tanks available for underground and above ground storage.


Ideal Uses for Rain Water and Water Facts

Inside and outside the home:

There is no higher quality source of water available to us than rainwater. Unlike water captured in dams which requires an extensive treatment process to ensure a quality fit for human consumption, rainwater that is collected on roofs and stored appropriately represents a sustainable source of water ideal for use inside and outside the home.

Main benefits of rainwater harvesting:

Significant economic, social and environmental benefits can be achieved by using Rainwater Harvesting systems to supply water for some, or possibly all of our requirements and reduce your dependence on City water. Our water supplies are becoming taxed and water restrictions are in place in many communities to reduce our overall water usage and protect our supplies.
There is no better quality water available naturally than rainwater. Some say there are health benefits to using rainwater which is not treated with chemicals like our supplied water is.
Rainwater falls for free – once you have installed a rain harvesting system, you use less City water and can reduce your water bills. Governments and Water Boards are installing new meters and increasing water prices as they seek to recover the true costs of providing water to the community – as the cost to supply City water services is becoming more expensive each year. The construction of dams, pipes and treatment plants is huge and ultimately as tax and rate-payers, we foot this cost.
Rainwater Harvesting reduces the damage to our creeks, water habitats and organisms caused by stormwater runoff.

Other reasons for using rainwater:

Out of necessity

  • Mains or City supplied water is not available to your property
  • To collect water to help fight bush fires and protect the home
  • To ensure a backup for other water supplies

To save money on water bills or qualify for rebates

  • To store water at an economical cost
  • The cost of water is already high and it is set to rise substantially in the near future as Councils and Water Boards move to pass on the true cost of water to the community

To meet new regulations that may be coming in the near future

  • In some suburbs, some new housing developments are now requiring each home to have a rainwater tank of a certain capacity installed.

For health reasons -You see the value in pure fresh natural rainwater

  • You do not want chemicals added to your drinking water
  • You wish to drink pleasant tasting water
  • Your water supply is salty or hard, has odorous or contains heavy metals
  • You consider rainwater better for your family’s health and you want to take control of what your family drinks

For environmental reasons

  • To prevent the impact of storm water run-off on the local environment
  • You understand that rainwater is good for the garden
  • To become as independent as possible, for either philosophic or environmental reasons, or both


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