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Purchasing Property

Purchasing Property?

Don’t overlook the quality and supply of the water before making that final decision. ABC Water Systems will evaluate the property your interested in, this can include testing the water and investigating an existing treatment system. ABC Water Systems will take a close look and evaluate existing treatment systems, test the raw water as well as the treated water to ensure the system is still performing. If there is no system ABC will be able to discuss what may be needed and the options available.

This is a valuable service to both the Realtor, Seller and Purchaser of any pending property transaction. Knowing the source and condition of the water including the surrounding area will improve the value of the property.

For the Realtor and Seller knowing the condition of the water will allow you to have expert advice on the condition and potential solution to any issues that may otherwise turn the future buyer away. Use ABC Water Systems decades of experience put your mind at ease.

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