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Keeping Your Ground Water Safe

Keeping Your Ground Water Safe

from Jeff Townsend of ABC Water Systems

Step 1: Keep Clean Water Clean

  • Slope the ground around the well head so that surface water drains away from the well head.
  • Create a grass buffer zone around your well and fence it off if needed to avoid animals or vehicles from approaching too close.
  • Keep the area around your well free from sources of E.coli bacteria such as animal or kitchen waste. Keep refuse piles, garbage cans, manure piles, composts, wood chips, brush piles and other decaying organic materials away from the well.
  • Be very careful with the storage of hazardous chemicals on your property and keep them far away from the well. Better yet avoid the use and storage of these chemicals whenever possible.
  • Do not park/store vehicles with potential fluid leaks anywhere near your well.

Step 2: Test Your Water

  • Test your water for bacteria every 6 — 12 months.
  • Test your water for mineral/chemical content every 2 years.
  • Store test results in a safe place and monitor for changing conditions over time.

Step 3: Inspect your well seasonally

  • Inspect the well casing and cap for any cracks, damage or corrosion.
  • Check for any settling or cracking of the surface seal.
  • Make sure vent screens on well cap are intact and unblocked.
  • Make sure surface water is draining away from the well head.
  • Make sure the well pump and distribution system including pressure tank and filters are working properly with no leaks.

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