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Collecting Water Sample

Procedure for taking a Bacteria Sample

Make sure that the STERILIZED bottle has never been opened. The crystals in the bottle have been put in there by the lab and are not to be removed.

  • Take the aeration screen off any house tap and remove any rubber or plastic washers from inside.
  • Run the COLD water tap for a few minutes to make sure you are getting FRESH water.
  • Take a lighter and scorch the orifice of the tap to kill any bacteria that may be present on the tap. Make sure there is no plastic o-ring in the faucet.
  • Open the tap and let it run for a minute or so to flush away any residue.
  • Open the sample bottle, taking care not to touch the lid or the inside of the bottle to anything. Place lid TOP SIDE DOWN while taking the sample. Try not to even breathe on the bottle itself.
  • Fill the bottle to the line and TIGHTEN lid.

Make sure the water sample is dropped off the same day the sample is taken. Please keep sample as cool as possible between taking the sample and dropping it off.

Water test to be paid for at time of drop off.

Drop Off Times:

  • Monday through Thursday ONLY between 8:00 am and 1:30 pm

Drop Off Location:

  • ABC Water Systems
    #9-2180 South Wellington Road

    Tel: 250.753.3333

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